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poetry earworm

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Do other people get poetry stuck in their heads the way that songs sometimes bunker their way in there? Because right now I have Tyger, Tyger stuck in mine, and it has been there for about ninety minutes now, with no interest in vacating.

What immortal hand or eye,

Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

I don't know brain. Stop asking me.


the former books the last days

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Does anyone else get words stuck in their heads? Poems I understand, because of the rhythm, but words? Is this a common thing no one ever talks about? Or am I crazy?

In any case, I have the following words stuck in my head:

die ehemalige B├╝cher die letzten Tage

meaning, translated from German, the former books the last days, with a possible grammar error there too (likely it should be ehemaligen but that isn't what my brain is saying).

So now I have random German phrases stuck in my head. My brain is a cacophony of random thought.