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finished typing

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As per my previous post, I finished the last little bit of typing. I'd feel accomplished if I'd stopped handwriting this story at an ending point, but I just arbitrarily stopped and decided now was time to type up what I had, so I have some fraction of a story typed up in which I have no ending and no clue how much longer it's going to be, and that just seems like a little bit of a waste of time this Friday when I could have been watching Netflix and eating Nutella.


four posts from me in one day!

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To be fair, three were scheduled book review posts, so they were written when I actually finished those books. This is the only one actually written today, March 7, 2017. Although I have a migraine so who knows, perhaps I'm reading the date wrong.

But ... ... (it requires two sets of ellipses for adequate suspense): FAERIE STORY!

I have written all the way to the end. For a limited time only, as always, here it is, both as PDF and ePub. I make very little claim for the ePub because I took my LaTeX file and I think it went through something like htLaTeX or LaTeXht or something, that gave me an HTML file, then I ran that through a Calibre converter to an ePub and I looked it over and it seemed acceptable, but maybe it isn't. But it doesn't matter because I have a completed version of my middle grade novel: How To See The Faeries.

LINKS REMOVED: Contact me for access.

I'm pretty pleased with myself, but also really unsure. Maybe my story is awful. Maybe it isn't. The point is I actually completed something. Good for me.

But seriously, my head feels like it's going to explode, so if those links don't work, let me know so I can fix them.


I cannot be looking at this any longer: a faerie story update

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The last twenty-or-so pages I've been editing, I simply cannot cannot cannot look at them anymore. Normally, when I talk about clawing my eyes out, it is because I have a migraine and I feel that clawing my eyes out would not only be a distraction, but less painful. But I want to claw my eyes out rather than keep reading these same twenty-four pages.

I remember when I loved my faerie story, but now I'm like the Belle and Sebastian song and I don't love anyone.

So the next section is here. It starts on 98 in the file. I also redid the chapter numbering but that affects no one really.

Limited time, as always, the Ship of Theseus that my faerie story has become: yoink! I'll post the next bit in a little while, so if you missed this part, you're going to have to wait until then.


these five pages are going to be the death of me

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Five pages of my faerie story. I read you again and again and again and again. I give you space and then come back to you. I labour over you for hours. I erase you all and start from scratch. I fiddle and tinker slightly with your words and punctuation marks and spend hours on To what avail? I fear you have defeated me, opening pages of Chapter Five. If I quit my faerie story, it will be because of you.

I want to write a novel but I fear I don't know how.


faerie story chapter four

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That's right.


I got chapter four done. Starts on page 70. Limited time, as always.

Sad trombone. You missed it. Check back soon to read Chapter Five or click those three horizontal lines up there ^^^ on the top of the page and sign up for email updates.

(There will be an epub preview sometime in the future. Maybe before the universe implodes, maybe not.)


Faeries faeries Chapter Three!

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Summer is the only time I can be a full-time writer, since Tesfa is in camp from eight to four. Even then, she only has four weeks of camp. But full time writing it is, and so I finally got through my deep read of Chapter Three. As was said by one of my academic siblings: Limited time only! [Don't be] a sucker!.

Chapter Three starts on page 49 of the PDF file for those who have been following along. For any new joiners, I'd start at page one.

Posted probably until the end of the weekend, then taken down.

Time's up!


limited time only: How to See the Faeries Chapter Two

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Continuing from where we left off: Chapter Two, in which Meghan gets a bit too happy with semi-colons.

For those just joining us, both Chapter One and Chapter Two are contained in the file. If Chapter One is still burning like a tire-fire in your mind, Chapter Two begins on page 22, so feel free to skip ahead.

The file will come down Sunday or Monday, so read it now or miss out until Chapter Three is deeply proofread and polished.

Limited Time Up! Email me or wait for Chapter Three if you'd like a read.


Limited Time Sneak Peak at my Faerie Story

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Link removed. Email me if you'd like to read the chapter.

Once upon a time I read an article that said writers should make sure to now and then put up exclusive content/previews on their website to reward their loyal readers. I have, I think, currently three loyal readers, so consider yourself rewarded with the first chapter of my middle grade novel How To See The Faeries. Here is a little blurby thing I wrote just now so you can see if you'd be interested in reading the first chapter:

Enid, age eleven, lives in a small New Brunswick town with her mother. Her life's pretty standard: quarrels with her mother, run ins with her nemesis Amber Holden, teachers who don't understand her brilliance, etc.

Oh, and the faeries. Those too.

Yeah, so it isn't that great a blurb because I am sick of thinking about faeries.

Limited time only! Will be taken down in a week or so (realistically when I remember to do it).

Blah blah blah copyright info, not for sharing around without explicit written meghan permission, etc. Personal use only.