four posts from me in one day!

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To be fair, three were scheduled book review posts, so they were written when I actually finished those books. This is the only one actually written today, March 7, 2017. Although I have a migraine so who knows, perhaps I'm reading the date wrong.

But ... ... (it requires two sets of ellipses for adequate suspense): FAERIE STORY!

I have written all the way to the end. For a limited time only, as always, here it is, both as PDF and ePub. I make very little claim for the ePub because I took my LaTeX file and I think it went through something like htLaTeX or LaTeXht or something, that gave me an HTML file, then I ran that through a Calibre converter to an ePub and I looked it over and it seemed acceptable, but maybe it isn't. But it doesn't matter because I have a completed version of my middle grade novel: How To See The Faeries.

LINKS REMOVED: Contact me for access.

I'm pretty pleased with myself, but also really unsure. Maybe my story is awful. Maybe it isn't. The point is I actually completed something. Good for me.

But seriously, my head feels like it's going to explode, so if those links don't work, let me know so I can fix them.