April 2017

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I read:


The Flintstones Volume 1 by Mark Russell: Reviewed earlier this month.

The March of the Crabs by Arthur de Pins: Reviewed earlier this month.

Meet Me In The In-Between by Bella Pollen: Review to come closer to publication date.

The Ghost Road by Pat Barker: Strange that this one won the Booker when its the weakest in the series.

The Lucky Ones by Julianne Pachico: Beware the sentient bunny rabbits.

Favourite book:

Ha! Bucking the previous months' Pat Barker trend.

Most promising book on my wishlist:

I put zero books on my wishlist for me this month. Reading and I are at an impasse.

I watched:

brooklyn 99

I wrote:

Nonsense. Reading and I are at an impasse. Writing and I are at an impasse. Today it is dark and rainy in metaphor and real life. Blah.