Review of Stitch Camp by Nicole Blum and Catherine Newman

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I like crafts. I like crafts so much so that our linen closet has never been a linen closet -- it's our craft cupboard. (The joy I felt when my daughter's friend came over, opened the cupboard up with a Woah knows no bounds.) My dream job is to craft all day (with kids) and then do some math/programming with them and then some more crafting.

And so, I'm getting into reading some crafting books. I requested this one to get some ideas for Brownies, as well as ideas to do with my daughter. I think she (my daughter) would find most of the crafts too convoluted right now (she's eight, and big on instant gratification right now), but me as an eight year old would have been psyched. And I got some ideas for stuff to do with my Brownie troope, so that's good. The instructions are mostly clear -- I did find the knitting and crocheting sections to be more difficult to follow, likely because I know neither how to knit nor to crochet, and was reading the instructions, rather than reading and doing (although, after-the-fact, I did remember we have a crochet hook in the craft cupboard, so maybe I should get that out and learn so that I can start making some amigurumi little things that will make me super super super happy).

Any crafty tween-and-up would like this book. Now back to looking at kawaii craft patterns on etsy for inspiration.

Stitch Camp by Nicole Blum and Catherine Newman went on sale October 17, 2017.

I received a copy free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.