December 2017

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I read:


150 Years of Stats Canada! by Andrew Bondy, Julia Davidovich, Sam Montgomery and Thomas Eric Taylor: Reviewed earlier this month.

The Strays by Emily Bitto: Reviewed earlier this month. There's another cover for this book, but why would you use it when this cover is so pretty? I don't understand people.

Fugue States by Pasha Malla: I have to review this and I haven't and it's been like three weeks so when is it gonna to happen? I don't know. There's a kinda rape scene and I'm just like blech.

Favourite book:

But how can that be the last Lara Jean book? Are her and Peter going to make it? What about telling me all about Lara Jean's first year at college? YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THIS JENNY HAN!

Most promising book on my wishlist:

Now to decide whether I'm masochistic enough to attempt it in French or simply wait for an English translation.

I wrote:

I had a massive typing extravaganza of thirty-five thousand words, transcribing my adult novel from notebook to .tex file. I have since gone off writing because that is too much typing. I won't leave that many words alone in a notebook again.