January 2018

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I read:


A Separation by Katie Kitamura: Reviewed earlier.

Beware That Girl by Teresa Totten: Reviewed earlier.

The Accusation by Bandi: Reviewed earlier.

All The Beloved Ghosts by Alison MacLeod: Reviewed earlier.

Ora and the Dragons by Molly Westerman: My internet writing group friend wrote this!

What It Means When A Man Falls From The Sky by Lesley Nneka Arimah: One of the stories has Mathematicians with a capital M.

Archival Quality by Ivy Nicole Weir and Steenz: Review to come on publication date.

Favourite book:

Even though it skeeves me out that my favourite book this month was about a sexual predator.

Most promising book on my wishlist:

I wrote:

A conversation with my daughter's friend:

Her: What are you writing?

Me: A book.

Her: For kids?

Me: No.

Her: with much much sadness Oh. What is it about?

Me: Adults being mean to each other.

Her: That sounds super boring.