Review of Life Lessons from Catsass by Claude Combacau

Posted by in netgalley copy's probably not a great endorsement that I finished this book and thought was that really necessary? Maybe because I just read another cat-loving book where the protagonist might be me (in a kind of Fight Club situation wherein I don't actually know it is me but it is) and Life Lessons from Catsass is more from the perspective of an asshole cat. I have an asshole cat. While Catsass hits all the targets regarding asshole cat behaviour, all it made me do was remember the time my asshole cat peed on my half-way finished 3000 piece puzzle of Guernica, completely ruining it while looking smugly at me all the while.

Cats are jerks.

(Also I love cats.)

(Hopefully your cat isn't an asshole.)

(And I keep typing Catass rather than Catsass.)


Life Lessons from Catsass by Claude Combacau went on sale July 4, 2017.

I received a copy free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.