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Yesterday someone asked if I talked about artisanal mathematics here, since I did write artisanal mathematics on my business card. Having never talked about artisanal mathematics, I suppose I should. But then, not knowing what to say, I'll just take Eric Sparling's suggestion to me, so feel free to print out any of the below PDFs and put them in a frame, for your very own piece of artisanal mathematics. Yay for decoration!

All pieces were typed up by me at some point when I was in graduate school. You could even frame a piece of my PhD. You can also ask me for different stuff if you'd like, if you want a one-of-a-kind piece (I'll just pull another random page from my thousands of pages of typed math).

Bonus: the sheets might even contain mistakes! So you could be learning math while enjoying what could questionably be called art.

artisanal commutative

artisanal complex

artisanal galois

artisanal jcf

artisanal math category theory

artisanal math discrete random structures

artisanal math functional analysis

artisanal math phd

artisanal measure