Dance in the Sun at Cicatrix

High in the mountains where the sun burns bright, encounters as people step off tram cars, in drained swimming pools, in blinding flashes of light.

Schnitzel Haus at Dulcet Quarterly

Each night for a week, a man takes his family out to dinner at the local German restaurant. Again and again. Again and again.

When My Father Left My Mother at Minola Review.

A discovery of a soured glass of milk sets off a gross-out contest between a recently separated couple, much to their daughter's disgust and chagrin.

Fortunate at The Cossack Review.

A psychic who advertises in the back of the free newspaper has a run in with a newspaper reporter.

This I Know at The Rusty Toque

Solid and staid, Dellarae is in her world, small as it may be: church, her job at church, her social justice committee at church. Not willing to compete with her glamourous mother, she thinks herself unadventurous and set. Until she isn't.

Drift at Mystery Weekly Magazine and in print at amazon.

Currently put forth by Mystery Weekly for consideration in Otto Penzler's Best American Mystery Stories 2017.

Four on a lifeboat and who is the one to trust?

Merry Fucking Christmas at The Paragon Journal

When Chrissy doesn't get much of a response to her handmade Christmas cards, she goes on a Boxing Day's quest to liberate her Christmas cards from their recipients.

La mariée à la lune at Ekphrastic: writing and art on art and writing

Rather than fix his house, pay for his child's schooling, or use the money responsibly, a man decides to spend his inheritance on a Marc Chagall painting for his wife.

Mad Cow Holy at Tracer Publishing

It's a story with jersey cows (those are the brown ones) in it!

Deep Breaths Underwater at Found Press

June's mother is getting married and there's nothing June can do about it. Trapped with a sort-of friend and unwanted family-to-be at their lakeside cottage in the Kawarthas, counting down the days to the wedding, June searches desperately for a way to make the world -- and her life -- stand still.

A Death at the Hands of at JONAH Magazine

The questioning years later of a former-Northern-Irish-militant-turned-politician throws one man's life into a tailspin when he's forced to reflect on his mother's murder years earlier.

3 at The Rusty Toque

Honourable mention in the 2014 Rusty Toque Chapbook contest. This chapbook is still currently unpublished and available to interested publishers. Contains three short stories.

Ana's Cupcakes at The Fieldstone Review

Snapshots of Joaquin's birthday as his mother, Ana, makes cupcakes for him to bring into class.

Darién Gap at The Puritan

Almost award winning! First runner-up in the 2013 Thomas Morton Fiction Competition

Marianne leads Jools on a chase through Central America to the point where the birdsong changes.

Sudden Infant at The Rusty Toque

Jamie deals with the loss of his infant son in a not very productive manner.

Pregnancy Scare at red kitty webzine

1980s. Oklahoma. A drive to the laundromat in a pick-up with a baby on her lap.

No One Is Going to Steal Your Refrigerator at Sassafras Literary Magazine

She has to leave her house, but not without a fight.

Abesha at Sterling Magazine

A story in Ethiopia. Can you be an abesha when you are also a ferenj?

Falling In Love With Ginny MacEachern at The Broken City Reunion Issue

Ginny loves Bruce. Bruce loves his estranged wife. This is the life of a high school mathematics teacher in rural Nova Scotia.

Seventeen Things at Chrysalis Zine

For the issue Movement: A list of seventeen things that Maria thinks about on the bus.

Pause at Dragnet Magazine

The party Alex hosts a party for his wife Susannah's birthday is not as generous a gesture as it may initially seem.

Eleven Miles There, Twelve Miles Back at Found Press

Deep in the heart of Ontario cottage country, Izza Ingram's biological family disintegrates when her parents become trapped in a moment Izza can barely remember. Lost to their parents, she and her sister Paulie form an unlikely family unit under the guidance of their parents' friend Doug. In this trio of their own making, Izza, Paulie, and Doug try to navigate the differences between the families we are born into versus the families we choose.

That Which We Know at The Broken City Magazine

Once a jet-setting photographer/journalist pair, Paul and Conor have now settled down to a routine existence in the suburbs of Montreal. Then Conor discovers a secret about Paul's wife, a refugee they helped escape the Rwandan genocide. What do you do when that which you know you don't actually know at all?

The Ham Sandwich Theorem at Page Forty-Seven

When Angie and Matt's relationship falls apart, Angie has to decide what she is willing to take with her. More importantly, she has to decide what she is willing to leave behind.